Ben Harper - Winter Is For Lovers (Opaque White Vinyl) Vinyl


Limited opaque white colored vinyl LP pressing. Winter Is For Lovers was a lifetime in the making... a solo lap-steel guitar piece incorporating elements of delta blues, flamenco, and even Satie-like minimalism, this work resonates with lyrical virtuosity, originality and soul. In some ways Winter Is For Lovers is a love letter to Ben Harper's longtime fans who have always revered his guitar virtuosity; it's the record they always wanted him to make. For many other music lovers, this record is a revelation, an unknown side to a a celebrated artist showing a sense of meticulousness, depth and music history that will add new dimensions to an already renowned career. Ultimately, Winter Is For Lovers is a very personal statement from Ben Harper, drawing from the bountiful garden of his earliest musical impressions and propelling him into the future with an elegiac masterpiece.

1 Istanbul
2 Manhattan
3 Joshua Tree
4 Inland Empire
5 Harlem
6 Lebanon
7 London
8 Toronto
9 Verona
10 Brittany
11 Montreal
12 Bizanet
13 Toronto (Reprise)
14 Islip
15 Paris

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Rock