Bernard Herrmann (original Score) - Vertigo - Coloured Vinyl Vinyl

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Original scored composed by Bernard Herrmann, performed by Sinfonia of London, conducted by Muir Mathieson.
Original score written by Bernard Herrmann.
Another version of VERTIGO exists but is an older re-recording of these original session tapes.
The music for VERTIGO just might be film composer Bernard Herrmann's best score. We're lucky to have this commercial soundtrack conducted by Muir Matheson who also conducted the music heard in Hitchcock's great film. While the sound could be probably stand some upgrade at some point, the music itself is clean, concise, and romantic in just the right doses. Herrmann utilizes his Tristan & Isolde-like leitmotifs with great skill; it's all quite Wagnerian without any of the Germanic baggage that most Hollywood composers bring to such borrowings. This music is as '50s modernist as Saul Bass's equally famous title sequences.

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Soundtracks, Film Scores and Broadway