Darius Rucker - WHEN WAS THE LAS(LP) Vinyl

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Darius Rucker opens When Was the Last Time, his fifth album as a country artist, singing about singing along with R.E.M. as you sit behind the wheel. The song spins this as a new experience but the tenor of the tune makes it clear Rucker is reminiscing about his past, a time when he listened to jangle pop while chugging two-dollar wine. Nostalgia is a big thing on When Was the Last Time, but it has been prominent in Rucker's music since Learn to Live, the 2008 album where the onetime Hootie & the Blowfish frontman turned to country. Not much separates When Was the Last Time from Learn to Live, or the three records that came between for that matter. Rucker still works with producer Frank Rogers and he remains committed to a chipper, tuneful blend of mainstream country-pop and sanded-down roots rock. On the fringes, there are some differences -- there's a heavier emphasis on looped rhythms, with the electronic beats vying for attention with Rucker on the closing "Story to Tell"; he eases into lightly swinging lounge for the ballad "Another Night with You," with its cameos by Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, and Charles Kelley; "Straight to Hell" is the rowdiest country he's ever done -- but the overall vibe is the same: it's sunny, laid-back music made for a cozy middle age. By this point, this friendly country-pop is second nature to Rucker, and when the music is designed to be a balm, there's a value in familiarity. A decade into his country career, Rucker is at ease and he has the songs to match his chill, which means this is an ideal album for relaxation. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Pop