King Crimson - Power To Believe (200 gram Vinyl, 2 LP) [Import] Vinyl

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Limited double 200gm vinyl LP pressing cut from masters approved by Robert Fripp. The Power to Believe features in it's 2019 expanded master on sides one to three, including the Sus-tayn-Z suite. Side four features eight tracks taken from the 200mini-album Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With. The Power to Believe is the thirteenth studio album by King Crimson.. The Power to Believe was preceded by the companion studio EP Happy with What You Have to Be Happy With (2002), which features alternate and otherwise unreleased tracks.

- Disc 1 -
1 The Power to Believe I: A Cappella
2 Level Five
3 Eyes Wide Open
4 Elektrik
5 Facts of Life: Intro
6 Facts of Life
7 The Power to Believe II: Power Circle
8 Dangerous Curves
- Disc 2 -
1 Happy with What You Have to Be Happy with
2 The Power to Believe III: Deception of the Thrush
3 The Power to Believe IV: Coda
4 Sus-Tayn-Z 1
5 Superslow
6 Sus-Tayn-Z 2
7 Bude
8 Happy with What You Have to Be Happy with
9 Mie Gakure
10 She Shudders
11 Eyes Wide Open
12 Shoganai
13 I Ran
14 Potato Pie

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Rock