The B-52's - Live! Rock 'n Rockets 1998 (Black, 140 Gram Vinyl) (2 Lp's) Vinyl


Double black vinyl LP pressing with printed inner sleeves and cardboard jacket. This spirited 12-track live performance was recorded at the Disney Rock 'N Rockets Festival in Orlando in November 1998. Drawing from retro 1950s and 1960s pop sources, trash culture, and rock and roll, the B-52s evidenced a "thrift shop" aesthetic. The "guy vs. Gals" vocals of Schneider, Pierson, and Wilson, sometimes used in call and response style, and their unique guitar and keyboard driven instrumentation compose their trademark sound.

1 Planet Claire
2 Private Idaho
3 Channel Z
4 Dance This Mess Around
5 Good Stuff
6 Quiche Lorraine
7 Roam
8 Strobe Light
9 Hallucinating Pluto
10 Love Shack
11 Party Out of Bounds
12 Rock Lobster

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Rock