Atreyu - Best Of Atreyu Vinyl

By Atreyu

Atreyu has weathered its meteoric rise to fame well, using its grueling tour schedules and its observations of the general craziness of the music business--and the people working in and around it--to pen some of the sub-genre's best (and biggest-selling) songs. Its first best-of features half-a-dozen tracks from each of its first two releases, with the rest made up by cuts from its 2006 album, A DEATH GRIP ON YESTERDAY. The band's youthful energy on early numbers like "A Song for the Optimist" and "Deanne the Arsonist" is thrilling, and if its sound on the later "Bleeding Mascara" and the unrestrained "You Eclipsed By Me" is more focused, it's no less challenging. Stately and anthemic, DEATH GRIP's "The Theft" is a fitting end to this useful summation.

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Pop