Circa Waves - What'S It Like Over There? Vinyl

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On 2019's What's It Like Over There? Liverpool's Circa Waves continue to develop their indie rock sound with a collection of passionate anthems that trade some of their nervous, sugary energy for a more nuanced maturity. Once again recorded with Alan Moulder, the band purportedly felt somewhat freed up on their third album to explore sounds outside of the kinetic guitar rock that made 2015's Young Chasers and 2017's Different Creatures so compelling. Certainly, there are several songs here that fall outside of the band's usual style. The soulful "Times Won't Change Me Now," with its repeated, bluesy riff and gospel backing vocals, wouldn't sound out of place as the underpinning for a '90s hip-hop track. Less far afield but still somewhat of a departure is the piano-driven "Passport," in which singer Kieran Shudall evokes the literate, sweetly melodic '60s pop of Harry Nilsson. That said, the slight shift in approach is less about the band's sound and more about a move toward subtlety in songwriting, with an emphasis on atmosphere and a dark sense of emotion. Tracks like "Sorry I'm Yours," "Me, Myself, and Hollywood," and "Motorcade" are visceral, minor-key gems with a slow-burn, post-punk energy that brings to mind a cross between '80s Giorgio Moroder and '90s Garbage. Particularly compelling is the infectious single "Movies," which finds Circa Waves embracing the soundtrack-ready dance-rock of the Killers, and finding their own pop sweet-spot in the process. What's It Like Ove There? sounds like Circa Waves are testing their longevity and aiming for a wider audience, and that's not a bad thing. ~ Matt Collar

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Rock