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Elliott Smith

Elliott Smith - Roman Candle 180G Vinyl

Elliott Smith - Roman Candle 180G Vinyl

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Personnel includes: Elliott Smith (vocals); Pete Krebs (snare drum); Kid Tulsa (snare, cymbal).
In a world full of self-pitying shoegazer troubadours celebrated for their own misery, Elliot Smith stands apart from the pack. At the time of this release, who could have guessed that this unassuming songpoet, with his hushed songs of alienation and turmoil, would receive national attention in a few scant years? The seeds of greatness that Elliot Smith would soon achieve are prominent on ROMAN CANDLE, his first full-length release. From the opening title track, it is apparent that Smith is not your average sadcore moper. He may shy away from the gaze of the crowd, but there is a fiery defiance inherent in his songs that transcends self-pity. The all-acoustic, Nick Drake-like format here would in due time be replaced by full-on, Brian Wilson-influenced production, making it all the more endearing in retrospect.

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Rock
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