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Klaus Schulze

Klaus Schulze - MIRAGE Vinyl

Klaus Schulze - MIRAGE Vinyl

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Solo performer: Klaus Schulze (keyboards).
Recorded at Studio Panne Paulsen, Frankfurt, Germany in January 1977.
This classic album by Klaus Schulze opens with "Velvet Voyage," a minimal, echoing electronic composition that sounds like a lonely satellite drifting as it passes alone though the hollow quiet of the universe. These swirling electronics--frequently described as space music--suggest the infinite movement of weightlessness. When distant organ chords (and distorted vocal whispering) turn into heavenly melodies, it is obvious we have arrived at "Crystal Lake," which is not space at all, but an alternate reality crammed with brilliant, shimmering fields of energy. Pleasantly chaotic sonic elements are slowly introduced until they reach the frenzied crescendo of a synthesizer orchestra. Schulze has said he's interested in creating music for alternative worlds, and this marvelous album makes good on those intentions.

  • Format: Vinyl
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