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Leftover Crack

Leftover Crack - MEDIOCRE GENERICA Vinyl

Leftover Crack - MEDIOCRE GENERICA Vinyl

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Leftover Crack: Ara Crack, Alec Crack, Ezra Crack, Stz'crack.
Crack Rock Steady Seven includes: Hilary Gadjit, Lady Jericha, Deston Berry, Christ "Killer" LaSalle, John Bon Dolan, Brad Minus, Mr. T., Pop-Eye, Sturg-O, Pezent Shayne.
Recorded at Sonic-Shop, New York, New York and Succulent Sounds, Los Angeles, California.
Left?ver Crack came up in New York City's ABC No-Rio squatter scene, though the band is not typical of those surroundings. The group does delve into left-wing political pundit-pounding that saturated their home base ("Nazi White Trash," the anti-homophobic "Gay Rude Boys Unite"), and just as savagely as their brethren at that. However, the foursome plays anything but "traditional" NYC crust-core. Though that is present, most notably in the harsh vocals of Ara Crack, black metal, ska-core, grindcore, Cramps-like rockabilly on "The Good, the Bad & the Left?ver Crack," and plenty of old-school punk all get worked out. With the name and the musical incongruity, you'd think that the band's a joke, but the lyrics and liner notes tell a different story, which is both a refreshing change of pace and somewhat confusing to the casual observer at the same time. ~ Brian O'Neill

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Pop
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