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Sonics - BOOM Vinyl

Sonics - BOOM Vinyl

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The Sonics: Larry Parypa, Andy Parypa, Gerry Rosalie, Bob Bennett, Rob Lind.
Recorded in 1965. Originally released on Etiquette. Includes liner notes by Miriam Linna.
Digitally remastered by Bob Irwin.
While it might not be the mainline shot of rock & roll that was their debut, the Sonic's second studio full-length, released in 1966, is a stellar album in its own right. BOOM, which alludes to both the band's regional origins and the inspiration for their name (the Pacific Northwest being a fabled testing ground for Boeing jets), contains raw garage-rock originals such as "Cinderella" and "The Hustler"; punked up versions of "Jenny Jenny Jenny" and "Don't You Just Know It"; and a howling, scorched-earth take on the definitive anthem for rock-&-roll delinquency "Louie Louie." The Sonics embodied everything rock & roll was and is still about: taking the most primal and carefree aspects of being alive and providing them with a musical avatar. Three chords never sounded so truthful. The 1999 Norton Records reissue contains three bonus tracks.

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Pop
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