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The Ataris

The Ataris - Blue Skies Broken Hearts...Next 12 Exits Vinyl

The Ataris - Blue Skies Broken Hearts...Next 12 Exits Vinyl

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Ataris includes: Kris Roe (vocals, guitar); Patrick Riley (guitar).
Recorded in Santa Barbara, California in June 1998.
Santa Barbara's Ataris were among the legions of pop-punk bands to emerge in the late 1990s. Like many of their contemporaries, the Ataris owe something of a debt to the Descendents and the Buzzcocks, but a large part of their sound comes out of the alternative rock of the '90s. BLUE SKIES, BROKEN HEARTS...NEXT 12 EXITS is the Ataris sophomore effort, and the band avoids the notorious second-album slump by cranking out 14 high-energy, concise tunes rife with hooks, power chords, and hopped-up rhythms.
While the Ataris know how to rock (only the acoustic guitar and cello duet of "My Hotel Year" deviates from the slashing electric guitars and pummeling bass and drums on this set), they also demonstrate an emo-influenced sensitive-guy side. "1.15.96" chronicles the story of a relationship, and "Your Boyfriend Sucks" is--despite its comic title--an anguished confession of unrequited love. The Ataris back their tales of romance with plenty of muscle (note the triple-time assault of "Broken Promise Ring)" and occasionally shift their focus to questions of personal direction, as on the anthemic "Better Way." Full of boisterous, youthful energy, the Ataris' second record is a strong dose of emo-tinged pop-punk.

  • Format: Vinyl
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