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The Get Up Kids

The Get Up Kids - FOUR MINUTE MILE Vinyl

The Get Up Kids - FOUR MINUTE MILE Vinyl

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The Get Up Kids: Matt Pryor, Jim Suptic (vocals, guitar); James Dewees (vocals, keyboards); Rob Pope (bass); Ryan Pope (drums).
Recorded at the Chicago Recording Company, Chicago, Illinois.
The second wave of emo crested in the mid-'90s with a handful of releases by bands like Texas Is The Reason, The Promise Ring, and Kansas City's heartfelt Get Up Kids. Their debut album, FOUR MINUTE MILE, effortlessly fused the ragged post-hardcore of Washington D.C. bands like Rites of Spring with surprisingly poppy, melodic songcraft and the ragged jangle of indie rockers like Pavement. While they would go on to become one of the genre's most influential bands, the somewhat humble, down-to-earth start represented by FOUR MINUTE MILE is actually the work of a young band bursting with excitement and turbulent emotions. Opener "Coming Clean" hurtles out of the gate with ringing guitars climbing all over themselves while singer Matt Pryor's everyboy yelp struggles to rise through the racket, and "Stay Gold, Ponyboy" aches with longing and unpolished feeling.

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Pop
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