Wax Poetic - Wax Poetic (CLEAR VINYL) Vinyl


20 years after its initial release as the opening salvo in the large and still-growing Nublu Records catalog, the classic self-titled debut album by Wax Poetic finally makes its vinyl debut. It's an album that boldly announces the arrival of a band, a label, a club and a whole new culture in New York's East Village, as well as featuring the first commercially-released recordings of soon-to-be superstar Norah Jones. This album has weathered the years beautifully and is a must-have for Norah fans as well as fans of Morcheeba, Massive Attack and Saint-Germain. The best aspects of lounge and Acid Jazz combine here with a vision for the future that renders this music timeless.

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Internal ID: JITRE