Future Islands - FAR FIELD Vinyl


Future Islands' 2014 album, Singles, was the moment when it all came together for them, musically, commercially, artistically. It had a handful of amazing singles, an overall sound that was sophisticated while wracked with emotion, a Chris Coady production that sanded off any sharp edges without feeling overdone, and Samuel T. Herring's brilliant vocals taking it all over the top to greatness. The band took three years before releasing its next album, The Far Field, and while it lacks the immediacy and shock of Singles, it feels like the work of a band looking to take another giant leap forward. Working with producer John Congleton this time, they add an extra layer of polish and bring in even more horns and strings than they did on the already lush Singles. This deluxe backing gives Herring more cushion to surround his vocal exhortations and desperate pleading and gives the hooky, emotionally powerful songs a widescreen feel. While there aren't any obvious classic songs like "Seasons" here, the record does feature another bravura performance from Herring and comes close to repeating the alchemy they effortlessly achieved on Singles. ~ Tim Sendra

  • Format Detail: LP standard Jacket
  • Format: Vinyl
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  • Genre: Pop
  • Internal ID: JITRE