Kiss - Revenge [Import] (Limited Edition) (LP) Vinyl

By Kiss

REVENGE, released a year after the death of drummer Eric Carr from cancer, includes "Carr Jam 1981," a Carr drum solo from 1981. Kiss: Paul Stanley (vocals, guitar); Gene Simmons (vocals, bass); Eric Singer (vocals, drums); Bruce Kulick (guitar). Additional personnel: Eric Carr (drums). Engineers include: Chris Steinmetz, Niko Bolas, George Tutko. This is definitely the heaviest Kiss album since 1984's ANIMALIZE. Realizing his film appearances and outside projects were detrimental to the band, Gene Simmons was focused and full of conviction on this record. Kiss picked producer Bob Ezrin, who helmed their best selling (DESTROYER) and worst selling (THE ELDER) albums. It was a wise choice, as REVENGE is sweet for a band that teetered off course for a few years. "Unholy" is vintage Gene Simmons and was the first single. "Take It Off" is Paul Stanley's tribute to strip clubs, while "Spit" is an ode to voluptuous women around the globe. "God Gave Rock 'N' Roll To You II" is an excellent cover of the Argent tune that makes for a great concert anthem. "Every Time I Look At You" is a wonderfully melodic acoustic ballad complete with violins. The album's closer is "Carr Jam 1981," an instrumental written by drummer Eric Carr. Bob Ezrin discovered the track in the vaults after Carr's death, and the piece was shortened in length so the drum solo became the featured section. Bruce Kulick's lead guitar was dubbed over Ace Frehley's, and the rest was left intact. It's a blazing track and a fitting homage to a talented musician.

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Pop