Procol Harum - Home Vinyl

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Procol Harum: Gary Brooker (vocals, piano), Robin Trower (guitar), Chris Cooping (bass, organ), B.J. Wilson (drums).
Includes 9 bonus tracks.
The fourth album by Procol Harum was released as the band was in the midst of a significant shift. With the departure of organist Matthew Fisher, guitarist Robin Trower stepped more to the fore. The two-keyboard approach was still being utilized, with singer Gary Brooker's piano being joined on some selections by the organ playing of multi-instrumentalist Chris Copping. However, the stately grandeur that had been previously applied with grace and subtlety gave way to a band that rocked much harder.
HOME is the work of a changed but still very compelling Procol Harum. Just compare this album's opening track, "Whiskey Train," to title-track opener on the band's previous album, A SALTY DOG. Orchestral epics largely give way to bluesy riffing, but as the album rolls along the familiar characteristic strains, both sonic and lyrical, offer a full dose of Procol Harum's dark and symphonic sensibilities.

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Rock