Swingin' Utters - Peace And Love Vinyl


Vinyl LP pressing. Recorded at Nu-Tune Studios in Pittsburg, CA by Chris Dugan (Green Day, Iggy Pop), the Swingin' Utters' ninth album proper is titled Peace And Love, but don't let that fool you: This isn't some Haight and Ashbury hippie shit. In fact, according to guitarist/vocalist Darius Koski, Peace And Love's content is as politically outspoken as the Utters have ever been: "This is, by far, our absolutely most political record we've ever done. We don't generally write very pointedly political songs. We tend to be a little more vague and abstract. But this one is pretty pointedly disgusted and pissed off and really directly attacking these f***in' people in office."

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Pop