Augustus Pablo - EASTMAN DUB Vinyl

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EASTMAN DUB is a dub mix of the 1977 LET'S GET STARTED album.
Personnel includes: Augustus Pablo (melodica, piano, Clavinet, organ, exlophone); Fazal Prendergrass, Clive Jeffrey (guitar); Jah Bunny, Michael Taylor, Robbie Shakespeare, Junior Dan (bass); Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace, Benbow, Albert Malawi (drums).
Recorded in Kingston, Jamaica.
Eastman Dub is a reworked mix of dub versions of the 1977 album Let's Get Started, which in its original form stands as one of Augustus Pablo's finest albums. Though Eastman Dub doesn't quite compare to Let's Get Started, it represents an intriguing approach to dub that is unique to Pablo but not surprising given his penchant for innovative arrangements and productions. The dubs on this record only occasionally retain the original vocals. The absence of these beautiful harmonies, sung by Tetrack, makes the music significantly thinner. Furthermore, Pablo's melodica is barely a presence. As a result, the bass parts often bear a weight they were not meant to carry. But in spite of this, some of the songs work very well. The title track, for example, uses the original vocals intermittently to good effect, and the percussion on "Only Jah Jah Dub" is perfect. Eastman Dub takes some unconventional risks in its versions, but it's well worth hearing for the times when those risks pay off. ~ Ben Tausig

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Pop