Bikini Kill - THE SINGLES Vinyl


Producers: Bikini Kill, Joan Jett, John Goodmanson.
Engineers include: John Goodmanson.
In the couple of years following the recording of its debut "proper" album, Bikini Kill released three 7-inch singles--NEW RADIO, THE ANTI-PLEASURE DISSERTATION, and I LIKE FUCKING. The first of these finally sees the band getting a sympathetic production, courtesy of Joan Jett (who also contributes a second guitar to the overall sound), that does wonders for it.
All three of the songs are great, including the anthemic call to arms "New Radio" and the band's third, and best, run-through of "Rebel Girl" (which also appeared on YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH and PUSSY WHIPPED). The second single features "In Accordance to Natural Law," a brittle refutation of the band's critics a mere 28 seconds long, and "Anti-Pleasure Dissertation," which sees it move (a little) towards a more pop-oriented sound. From the third single, the best cut is the title track. The (relatively) clean production highlights the crunching guitars and Tobi Vail's drumming, while the lyrics are among Kathleen Hanna's most effective examinations of sexual mores. Though THE SINGLES isn't the best place to start listening to Bikini Kill, the tracks provide an important bridge between its two full-length albums, PUSSY WHIPPED and REJECT ALL AMERICAN.

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Pop