Bloodhound Gang - One Fierce Beer Coaster Vinyl

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Bloodhound Gang: Jimmy Pop Ali (vocals, samples); DJ Q-Ball (vocals, DJ); Lupus (guitar, background vocals); Evil Jared (bass, background vocals); Spanky G.
Additional personnel: Rob "Vanilla Ice" Van Winkle (vocals).
There must be plenty of suburban white boys like Pennsylvania's Bloodhound Gang who learned about hip-hop from early Beastie Boys records. ONE FIERCE BEER COASTER takes the crude b-boy stance of the Beasties' LICENSED TO ILL, piles on Dust Brothers-like layers of samples, ups the ante with a bunch of Slayer-ish power-chords, and mouths off like a parent's worst nightmare. Tipper Gore watch out: No subject is above the Gang's juvenile slander, not suicide ("Lift Your Head Up High [And Blow Your Brains Out]"), not cunnilingus ("Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny"), nothing.
Rapper Jimmy Pop Ali obviously got an "A" in his senior Pop Culture References seminar. Songs are built around '80s dance-floor chants, and the citation list (the Pixies, Chewbacca, Quasimodo) truly never ends. Neither does Ali's sneering attitude or gleeful contempt for every last thing he's sending up. The ultimate joke is having the infamous Vanilla Ice (under his real-life name of Rob van Winkle) drop verses with the gang on "Boom." The group's tongue is so far up its cheek at that point, the only defense is to throw one's hand in the air and go...well, you know. Definitely not for the easily offended.

  • Format: Vinyl