Boogie Down Productions - SEX & VIOLENCE Vinyl

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Boogie Down Productions: KRS-One, Willie D, Kenny Parker.
Additional personnel includes: Freddie Foxxx (vocals).
SEX AND VIOLENCE is one of the most underrated BDP albums and almost on par with CRIMINAL MINDED. The album displays KRS-1 at the height of his power; shedding the old BDP crew (D-Nice, Ms. Melody, Harmony, Jamal Ski, and others), he gets back to the roots of hip-hop with raw-core beats and earth-stone rhymes. Those looking to know more about the roots of hip-hop can only benefit from acquiring SEX AND VIOLENCE.
With the album's first introductory tones, complete with some real lo-fi boom-bap, one can feel the imminent explosion humming in the near distance. Featuring production from usual BDP collaborators, as well as Prince Paul, this crucial album thumps relentlessly. The album includes gems like "Duck Down," the controversial "13 and Good," and the psychoactive "The Real Holy Place." And for minions of the underground, this early Freddie Foxxx appearance is a treat

  • Genre: Hip Hop
  • Format: Vinyl