Braid - The Age Of Octeen Vinyl

By Braid

Braid: Todd Bell, Christopher Broach, Robert Nanna, Roy Ewing.
Additional personnel: Steve Lamos, Megan Mermis, Ashly Lyddan.
Braid's second full-length, The Age of Octeen, exudes a passion and roughness reminiscent of high school. From the boyish shouted/sung vocals to the straightforward, punk-influenced guitars to the lyrics dealing with failed relationships and memories, the album has an unpolished, garage-band energy. Although the album has that raw quality, there isn't a weak track on it. The first track, "My Baby Smokes," starts with quiet, mumbled lyrics, rolling drums, and understated guitars before bursting into wailing vocals backed by a wall of sound. "American Typewriter" is a little more complex with its tight, staccato drumming and quick guitar riffs. "Chandelier Swing" and "Autobiography" close the album on a quieter, more thoughtful note. Overall, The Age of Octeen is a solid effort that manages to capture the abandon and freedom of being 19. ~ Tracy Frey

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Pop