Buzzcocks - Another Music In A Different Kitchen Vinyl

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The Buzzcocks: Pete Shelley, Steve Diggle (vocals, guitar); John Maher (vocals, drums); Steve Garvey (bass).
Include liner notes by Richard Boon and Malcolm Garrett.
All tracks have been digitally remastered.
By the time the Buzzcocks released their 1978 full-length debut, they had already opened up for the Sex Pistols, released an EP entitled SPIRAL SCRATCH, and put out a batch of excellent singles. Yet ANOTHER MUSIC IN A DIFFERENT KITCHEN still plays like an opening salvo, a slap in the face, and a defining first statement. Most casual fans know the band's singles from the seminal 1979 compilation SINGLES GOING STEADY. Though some SINGLES tunes appear on ANOTHER MUSIC (including "Autonomy" and the indelible "I Don't Mind"), almost any track here would sound right at home on a best-of collection.
On the tongue-in-cheek "Fast Cars" (complete with a two-note guitar solo), the nervy "No Reply," and the yodeling "Get On Your Own," the classic Buzzcocks formula--furiously paced punk-pop graced with memorable hooks and Pete Shelley's bratty vocals--is here in full force. The lengthy acid-rock freakout at the end of "Sixteen" and the trance-like guitars on "Moving Away from the Pulsebeat" show the experimental edge that hovered at the periphery of the Buzzcocks' music. The 2001 reissue adds four outstanding bonus tracks (all of which appear on SINGLES, incidentally), raising the value of this already-strong album.

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