Captain Beefheart - LICK MY DECALS OFF BABY Vinyl


This is out of print on Enigma (73394) as of October, 1991. Also out of print on CD and cassette on Planet 3 [8122 70364] as of August 1995 {according to Bassin}.
Beefheart's second recording for Frank Zappa's Straight label consolidated the artistic freedom expressed on its predecessor TROUT MASK REPLICA. Avant garde rock and free jazz melt into a seamless whole, jagged guitars and ravaged saxophone splinter through the mix while ex-Mothers Of Invention drummer Artie Tripp, herein renamed Ed Marimba, brings new rhythmic possibilities to the Captain's heady brew. Beefheart prowls around the proceedings with consummate ease, his expressive voice, which echoes bluesman Howlin' Wolf, emphasizing the adventurism of both music and lyrics. By demolishing previous notions of tonality and structure, Captain Beefheart inspired a whole generation of post-punk disciples, from Pere Ubu to Sonic Youth.

  • Format: Vinyl