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By Chrome

Introducing their disembodied drummer John Q. Cyborg -- in reality a drum machine, publicity photos of the time to the contrary -- Chrome moved into the next phase of its existence with Read Only Memory. The five track release reconfirmed them as being some of the craziest musicians out there working with in a rock format at the time. Beginning with a rising swell of processed Creed guitar shooting towards the skies as Edge provides rumbling keyboard loops, before switching over to the varied cut-up format the early Edge/Creed partnership favored, Read Only Memory is, unsurprisingly, strange and eerily compelling. One curious thing about the release is that, rather that specifically highlighting separate songs, the same Cyborg beat continues relentlessly throughout, fading and reappearing from time to time. Edge and Creed make a variety of different noises over the top as they choose, from soft guitar chimes to punchy randomness, all to good effect. The most distinct number is "I Am the Jaw," if only because Creed's brief lyrical part at the start identifies it as such, while the two musicians add more guitar and keyboard moodiness all around. ~ Ned Raggett

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Pop