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By Church

The Church includes: Marty Wilson-Piper, Steve Kilbey (vocals, various instruments).
Additional personnel: Sandy Chick, Carol Broca-Wander (vocals); Linda Neil (violin); Tim Powell (drums); Martin Rossell (drums, organ); Darren Ryan (drums, programming); Boris Goudenov (programming).
Recorded at Karmic Hit, Sydney, Australia and Fryshuset, Stockholm, Sweden.
SOMETIME ANYWHERE, the ninth Church album (depending on whether or not you count REMOTE LUXURY as an album or 2 EPs, as it was originally released), is the band's most stylistically diverse record. It features stabs at dance, techno, and an odd Indian-influenced piece, "Eastern," along with the band's trademark psychedelic pop. It also features only two of the band's original members, Steve Kilbey and Marty Willson-Piper, who play almost all of the instruments themselves.
Standouts include the slow and stately "My Little Problem," built around Kilbey's detached but affecting vocals, and the lush masterstroke, "Two Places at Once," which features alternating verses sung by Kilbey and Willson-Piper. Also noteworthy is "Business Woman," which features some of the band's best music. Collectors should note that the album was initially released with a 30-minute long bonus disc containing seven otherwise unavailable songs. These include "Freeze to Burn," a striking dance track with a shuffling beat and slivers of distorted feedback, and the moody "Drought," recorded in 1987, and featuring original members drummer Richard Ploog and guitarist Peter Koppes.

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Rock