Cocteau Twins - Heaven or Las Vegas (180 Gram Vinyl, Digital Download Card) Vinyl


Cocteau Twins include: Elizabeth Frazer (vocals); Robin Guthrie (guitar); Simon Raymonde (bass).
A band who have had to endure the term 'ethereal' being bandied about around their name more than any other. With their soulful and quite blissful meanderings, their music has a sustainable beauty free of regard for contemporaries or peers. Heaven Or Las Vegas saw vocalist Elizabeth Fraser substituting the occasional obscure lyric in place of her uniquely visionary wall of sound, and the single, 'Ice Blink Luck', even had a near-recognizable structure and a very tempting hook. Their unearthly wealth of ideas remains undiminished even though Fraser has suffered greatly from problems with her voice in recent years..

  • Format Detail: LP standard Jacket
  • Format: Vinyl
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  • Genre: Pop
  • Internal ID: JITRE