Dead Kennedys - Live at the Deaf Club [Import] Vinyl

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Live at the Deaf Club is a live album released by the Dead Kennedys in 2004. The actual performance took place at the San Francisco Deaf Club on March 3, 1979. The performance was unique in that this was the last time their rhythm guitarist 6025 performed with them. It also includes original drummer Ted, later replaced in February 1981 by D.H. Peligro. Also, the song "Gaslight" and their covers of "Back in the U.S.S.R." and "Have I the Right" are not found on any other DK album (The Deaf Club recordings of "Shorts Songs" and "Straight A's" are featured on the compilation album Give Me Convenience OR Give Me Death and the hard-to-find Can You Hear Me? Live at the Deaf Club along with "Police Truck"). "Back in Rhodesia" is an early version of "When Ya Get Drafted" with a different chorus than the final version. "Kill the Poor" is also a "disco" version minus the introduction.

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Punk