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Deee-Lite: Lady Miss Kier, Super DJ Dimitry, DJ Towa Towa.
This full-length debut by the multicultural New York-based trio known as Deee-Lite was one of 1990's catchiest and most innovative releases. Deee-Lite wove '70s-era sampladelic loops (courtesy of Japanese mix master Jungle DJ Towa Tei and Russian Super DJ Dmitry Brill) over house and club-style beats, creating a funky, uniquely textured dance music. The bright vocals of American lead singer Lady Miss Kier and the band's outrageous cosmic/retro fashion sense add the perfect touch of good-vibe positivity to the proceedings. Dee-Lite is the techno era's irresistibly likable hippie lovechild.
Booty moving anthems such as "Good Beat" and "Power of Love" are pulsing, computer-age disco, while "Try Me On, I'm Very You" and "Smile On" lock into righteous, feel-good '70s grooves a la Sly and his Family Stone. The highlight of the record, however, is the hit single "Groove Is In The Heart," an indescribable high that is guaranteed to move even the most lead-footed of listeners. Guest appearances by Bootsy Collins and A Tribe Called Quest's Q-Tip are added incentive to dive into WORLD CLIQUE. In all, this is one of the finest dance albums of the '90s.

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Pop