Europe - Out Of This World Vinyl

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By Europe

Europe: Joey Tempest (vocals); Kee Marcello (guitar); Mic Michaeli (keyboards); John Leven (bass); Ian Haugland (drums).
One look at the song titles and you know you're not in for any surprises ("Open Your Heart," "More Than Meets the Eye," "Ready or Not," "Never Say Die"). Still, Europe produces made-to-order lite metal with admirable craftsmanship and occasionally memorable hooks. "Superstitious" even has a disarming gospel quality. This is hard rock with all the edges sanded off. Capable lead singer Joey Tempest carries the tunes with nonthreatening panache, while Kee Marcello (who proved his virtuosity on Europe's previous by performing "Flight of the Bumblebee") provides plenty of nice guitar solos. ~ Andy Hinds

  • Format: Vinyl