Faith No More - REAL THING Vinyl


Faith No More: Michael Patton (vocals); Jim Martin (guitar); Roddy Bottum (keyboards); Bill Gould (bass); Mike Bordin (drums).
Engineers: Matt Wallace, Jim "Watts" Vereecke, Craig Doubet.
Up until Faith No More's third release, 1989's THE REAL THING, the San Francisco quintet was considered too eccentric for rock's mainstream. Unlike other bands of the era, FNM refused to be limited to just one musical style--the group was indeed heavy, but it also touched upon many other styles (alternative, rap, Middle Eastern, punk, funk, jazz, etc.). But prior to the writing and recording of the album, the band parted ways with its longtime singer, Chuck Mosely, and hired newcomer Mike Patton.
Unlike his predecessor, Patton was a very talented and versatile vocalist who could easily adapt to any of the different musical styles his new bandmates threw at him. While it took a few months for sales to crest, THE REAL THING went on to become the group's much sought-after commercial breakthrough. The rap-metal anthem "Epic" was a surprise Top-10 smash (pushing the album to multi-platinum status), while such other tracks as "From Out of Nowhere," "Falling to Pieces," "Zombie Eaters," and "Underwater Love" were just as exceptional. Although the band had been waiting years for mainstream success, FNM decided to challenge its newly acquired pop audience with its next release.

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Pop