Fountains of Wayne - Welcome Interstate Managers (Red Vinyl Edition) Vinyl


It's the most popular album by one of the greatest power pop bands of all time...and it's never seen a widespread vinyl release. Welcome Interstate Managers was hailed a classic from the day it came out in 2003, and featured Fountains of Wayne’s biggest hit with "Stacy's Mom." The song craft and lyrical wit of Chris Collingwood and the late, great Adam Schlesinger have never been sharper; there's not a bad song on this record and lot of them (e.g. "Bright Future in Sales;" "Hackensack") rise to the same lofty perch as "Stacy's Mom." Real Gone Music presents this landmark album in a 2-LP set pressed in red vinyl at Gotta Groove Records, and housed inside a gatefold jacket with two printed inner sleeves featuring lyrics. Also included as a bonus track: the non-LP b-side to the “Stacy’s Mom” single, “Elevator Up!” One of the 21st century’s greatest rock albums.

Side One 1. Mexican Wine 2. Bright Future In Sales 3. Stacy's Mom 4. Hackensack 5. No Better Place Side Two 1. Valley Winter Song 2. All Kinds Of Time 3. Little Red Light 4. Hey Julie Side Three 1. Halley's Waitress 2. Hung Up On You 3. Fire Island 4. Peace And Love Side Four 1. Bought For A Song 2. Supercollider 3. Yours And Mine 4. Elevator Up (Bonus Track)

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Rock
  • Format Detail: 2LP Limited 2-LP red vinyl; gatefold jacket, two printed inner sleeves
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  • Internal ID: JITRE