Hall & Oates - BIG BAM BOOM Vinyl

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Includes liner notes by Colin Escott.
Digitally remastered by Pat Martin.
This was Hall and Oates' most commercially successful album, and in retrospect it's not hard to figure out why; almost every track is either diabolically catchy (just try listening to "Out of Touch" without immediately having the chorus resonate in your head for the next few weeks), danceable ("Method of Modern Love"), arena-rock bombastic ("Bank On Your Love") or all three at the same time ("Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid"). It also helped that H&O had an ear toward hip-hop before most of their contemporaries, as witness the brief mostly instrumental "Dance on Your Knees" that opens the album; it's practically a homage to the Sugar Hill Gang's "White Lines".

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Rock