Hope Sandoval / The - SON OF A LADY (LP) Vinyl

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The 2016 album Until the Hunter was a welcome return for Hope Sandoval and Colm O C?os?ig (aka the Warm Inventions) after being basically inactive for many years. The duo didn't waste much time sending more music out to the world with the release of the Son of a Lady EP early the next year. It features an acoustic version of Until the Hunter's "Let Me Get There," which strips away the vintage soul feel of the original for a more languid and hushed approach. Most importantly, it also erases the vocal contribution of Kurt Vile, which makes the song at least 99 percent more palatable and leaves it as a showcase for Sandoval's reliably lovely vocals. The other two tracks are nice and peaceful: "Son of a Lady" is an older song that features upright bass, washy keyboards, and a halting melody; "Sleep" is a sparse, echoing acoustic ballad that probably wouldn't have fit on Until the Hunter, but sounds good all the same. The EP is a pleasant addition to the Warm Inventions catalog; nothing too essential but worthwhile all the same. ~ Tim Sendra

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Pop