Jawbreaker - Etc. (2 Lp's) Vinyl


Jawbreaker: Blake Schwarzenbach (vocals, guitar); Chris Bauuermeister (bass); Adam Pfahler (drums).
Producers: Richard Andrews, Jawbreaker, Billy Anderson, Mike Morasky, Jonathan Burnside
Recorded between October 1988 & March 1995. Includes liner notes by Jawbreaker.
Punk fans of a certain age still miss Jawbreaker, and they've been broken up about it for years and years. That may have something to do with the band's inimitable blend of intelligent literary detail and rugged crunch. Emotional in a way that was never insulting or juvenile, Jawbreaker built their reputation on four excellent LPs, but most of their audience never heard the material collected here on ETC. A revelation for anyone who thought they would never hear another new Jawbreaker song, ETC. collects demos, 7"s, and compilation tracks, none of which ever appeared on an album proper. While ETC.'s sheer existence is great news for fans, even better is the high quality of the songs. "Kiss the Bottle" is a wistful blueprint for wry, emotional punk, and "Sister" is a thumping anthem with buzzing guitars and DEAR YOU-era vocals. ETC. is a fine reminder of pop punk's power for anyone who can't stand what passes for it since Jawbreaker's demise.

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Pop