Personnel: Mark Lanegan (vocals, acoustic & electric guitars); Mike Johnson (acoustic, electric & slide guitars, harmonica, piano, organ, bass, background vocals); Dave Kreuger (violin); Mike Stinette (saxophone); Frank Cody (piano, organ); Teddy Trewhella (piano); Justin Williams (organ); Phil Sparks (acoustic bass); Kurt Fedora, Jack Endino (bass); Tad Doyle (drums, percussion); J Mascis, Dan Peters, Mark Pickerel (drums); Sloan Johnson, Krisha Augerot, Sally Barry (background vocals).
Engineers: Jack Endino, Ed Brooks, Terry Date.
Recorded at Ironwood, Reciprocal, and Steve Lawson Studios, Seattle, Washington; Messina Music, New York, New York.
On his second solo outing, 1994's WHISKEY FOR THE HOLY GHOST, Screaming Trees frontman Mark Lanegan unveils a set of tunes that is more dynamic and cohesive than his spare, brooding debut, THE WINDING SHEET. Once again collaborating with multi-instrumentalist Mike Johnson, among others, Lanegan uses his deep, gravelly voice to maximum effect on these wonderful songs of woe, which include the hypnotic, David Lynchian "The River Rise" and the dark, pastoral "Kingdoms of Rain." Arguably Lanegan's best solo album, THE HOLY GHOST predicted that the perpetually melancholy Pacific Northwestern performer would be just fine on his own when Screaming Trees eventually split.

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Pop