Mudhoney - The Lucky Ones Vinyl

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Seattle grunge survivors Mudhoney kept their wits about them when most of their contemporaries got zonked out on fame. By sticking to the dry, hard garage punk they do best no matter how the winds blew, they have managed to stay together with both their self-respect and legacy intact. Not all that far removed from the raucous early albums that defined their sound, THE LUCKY ONES finds Mudhoney in fine fighting form. Singer Mark Arm's howl is as ragged as ever and guitarist Steve Turner is still churning out wicked acid-flashback garage-blues riffs. Opener "I'm Now" struts like a shirtless, scarred Iggy Pop, with touches of glam piano and fuzzy, go-go rhythm while "Tales of Terror" is a primal, biker-blues stomp. Mudhoney have lived to prove that "grunge" was just a marketing term. The music on THE LUCKY ONES is pure, red-blooded rock & roll.

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Rock