NOFX - So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes Vinyl


A priority release from Epitaph, this new album from NOFX features "180 Degrees," "I'm Telling Tim," "Dad's Bad News," "Falling in Love" and more. The band's near half million fan base are eagerly anticipating it's release.

1 It's My Job to Keep Punk Rock Elite
2 Kids of the K-Hole
3 Murder the Government
4 Monosyllabic Girl
5 180 Degrees
6 All His Suits Are Torn
7 All Outta Angst
8 I'm Telling Tim
9 Champs Elys
10 Dad's Bad News
11 Kill Rock Stars
12 Eat the Meek
13 Desperation's Gone
14 Flossing a Dead Horse
15 Quart in Session
16 Falling in Love

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Pop