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Oppressed frontman Roddy Moreno is one of the most important figures in the anti-racist Oi! scene to continue to make music, and his ideologies are front and foremost on Music for Hooligans. Put together out of a previously released EP and a handful of covers, Moreno and crew blast through the 16 Oi! anthems like it was 1982 all over again. Claiming that this was the last album of Oi! the band would ever make, it does come off as a final statement in a lot of ways. Beginning the album with the visceral chant-fest "CF3" and ending with the outrageous "Fuck Fascism," every song is a politically motivated track designed for singing along and bouncing around the room. It may not be the final statement on the band (they have a best-of that works better), and it's not the definitive moment in the genre that they would like it to be (that probably belongs to Oi! The Album), but it is a nice last gasp from a band who always had good intentions all along. ~ Bradley Torreano

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Pop