Primal Scream - SCREAMADELICA Vinyl

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Primal Scream's understanding of rock's varied vistas is encapsulated on this release. At its core are a series of dance-oriented tracks that broach several musical barriers. Samples, tape loops, dub and plangent chords gel together over various grooves, at times uplifting, at others ambient. Mixmasters Terry Farley and Andy Weatherall add different perspectives to individual tracks, with gospel choirs, pumping brass and spaceward basslines bubbling around several selections. Former Rolling Stones producer Jimmy Miller generated the spirit of Beggars Banquet for the rousing "Movin' On Up," while elsewhere the group imply acknowledgement to talismen the Beach Boys and Big Star. SCREAMADELICA is the ultimate confluence of rock and rave cultures.

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Rock