Slayer - GOD HATES US ALL(EX) Vinyl

By Slayer

Slayer: Tom Araya (vocals, bass); Kerry King, Jeff Hanneman (guitar); Paul Bostaph (drums).
Recorded at The Warehouse Studios, Vancouver, Canada.
"Disciple" was nominated for the 2002 Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance.
Don't blink. Otherwise, Slayer's eighth studio release will scoot right by at hyper-speed. In fact, morbid images and jackhammer guitar riffs are the only traces that GOD HATES US ALL leaves behind on its demolition path. Heavy, indeed. If lead screamer Tom Araya slows down just for a second, dark mantras such as "I won't be force-fed prophecy" and "My hate is contagious" become frighteningly intelligible. Slayer might not be pretty, but no one can accuse the band of campiness--this is as real (and scary) as it gets.
GOD HATES US ALL is another searing slab of classic Slayer. Highlights include "Disciple" and "Threshold," which capture the group at its bombastic best. Stylistically, the album has all of the characteristics of great thrash metal--grinding guitars, crisp bass drums, and convincing shout-speak vocals. GOD HATES US ALL is not for everyone, however. It will offend many, which is the very reason that the band's fans will embrace it all the more.

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Rock