The Innocence Mission - See You Tomorrow Vinyl

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Beloved Pennsylvania band The Innocence Mission, led by Karen and Don Peris, return with the exquisite and touching album See You Tomorrow. First track The Brothers Williams Said with Karen's stunning, heart-aching voice and a lyric both moving and profound, speaks to the sense of misunderstanding or labelling that can happen to people who have a quiet nature. Simon Raymonde of the Cocteau Twins calls the arrangements on See You Tomorrow "massively special- the beauty, the way the album builds to it's' striking finale in I Would Be There is bewilderingly lovely." See You Tomorrow touches on the major changes that happen in the life of a family, and the "intense desire to hold the present moment of togetherness". Sufjan Stevens has called their music "moving and profound. What is so remarkable about Karen Peris' lyrics are the economy of words, concrete nouns which come to life with melody."

1 The Brothers Williams Said
2 On Your Side
3 Movie
4 We Don't Know How to Say Why
5 St. Francis and the Future
6 At Lake Maureen
7 John As Well
8 This Boat
9 Mary Margaret in Mid-Air
10 Stars That Fall Away from Us
11 I Would Be There

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Pop