Tnt - Realized Fantasies -Clrd- Vinyl

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By Tnt

TNT: Tony Harnell (vocals); Ronni Le Tekro (electric & 1/4 stepper guitars, keyboards); Morty Black (bass); John Macaluso (drums).
Additional personnel: Kyf Brewer (harp); Dag Stokke, Rich Tancredi, T.J. "The Bum" Kopetic (keyboards); Peter Wood (piano); Joe Lynn Turner (background vocals).
Recorded at Cove City Sound Studios, Long Island, New York and Studio Studio, Nyhagey, Norway.
Led by Norwegian guitarist Ronni Le Tekro, this band mixes up several styles of hard rock and pop metal. TNT is OK as these bands go, but nothing much stands out from either the songwriting or the music. Realized Fantasies is well done, but passionless. ~ Steven McDonald

  • Format: Vinyl