Orbit Special Turntable - Rift Walnut (Shop Table)


This is a shop table that has been slightly used but is in like new condition. 

Orbit Special Turntable by U-Turn Audio in rift walnut. 

Get more out of your records with the U-Turn Audio Orbit Turntable.  With high end components and a beautiful design, these handmade record players are built to last. 


  • Built-in preamp (use powered speakers with no receiver).
  • Award-winning Ortofon 2M Red cartridge, which delivers open and dynamic sound without coloring your music.
  • Includes cue lever for easy tonearm operation.
  • Acrylic platter provides improved speed consistency and clearer, more detailed playback. External belt drive eliminates motor noise and ensures speed consistency (33/45 RPM).
  • Precision OA2 gimbal tonearm for accurate tracking and low distortion. Features internal anti-skate and adjustable counterweight.