Ween - MOLLUSK Vinyl

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By Ween

THE MOLLUSK contains a hidden track after "She Wanted To Leave (Reprise)."
Ween: Gene Ween, Dean Ween, Andrew Weiss, Claude Coleman, Mean Ween, Glenn McClelland, Charlie McClelland, Bill Fowler, George Altonen, Matt Kohut, Stephan Said.
Engineers: Gene Ween, Dean Ween, Claude Coleman, Jr., Andrew Weiss.
Ween can be as slimy as a giant squid or as hard to crack as a clam, but the mollusk that Ween most resembles is an octopus--with a tentacle in every genre and an obfuscating cloud of black ink thrown in for good measure, once they grab a hold of you with their suckers, they don't let go. Ween's sixth album, THE MOLLUSK not only ensnares you with its sinewy melodies, it gobbles you whole.
Ween have followed the country madness of 12 GOLDEN COUNTRY GREATS with a true return to form. The eclectic, genre-hopping style of PURE GUAVA and GOD WEEN SATAN blossoms again, and songs like "Buckingham Green" and "The Blarney Stone" find Ween straddling the line between '70s arena-rock heavy metal ballads and bawdy 19th century Irish drinking songs. While not as overtly puerile or as heavy as some of their earlier material, THE MOLLUSK has its share of memorable moments and is destined to become a true Ween classic.

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Pop