Ween - Quebec Vinyl

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By Ween

Ween: Dean Ween (vocals, guitar, bass, vocoder); Gene Ween (vocals, bass, keyboards, drum machine).
Additional personnel: Andrew Weiss (strings, keyboards, synthesizer, drums); Glen McClelland (piano, keyboards); Dave Dreiwitz (bass); John Freese, Sim Cain (drums).
Recorded at the Zion House, Hopewell, New Jersey.
Three years after the release of WHITE PEPPER, Weeners Dean and Gene are back with their eighth studio album. Starting with the Motorhead-like charge of "It's Gonna Be a Long Night," it's immediately apparent that recent years of marriage, parenthood, and touring with jam bands (???) haven't mellowed the duo. And though their glue-huffing days are presumably behind them, they're still hitting the prescription drugs with "Zoloft," a spacey pop ode to the calming pills.
Rather than crafting weird, mutated songs with pop leanings, Dean and Gene are now largely focused on crafting pop songs with weird, mutated leanings, a subtle yet important distinction that becomes clear on songs such as "Transdermal Celebration," "Tried and True," and "Chocolate Town." Of course, there's still time for a few distorted ditties with warped vocals such as "So Many People in the Neighborhood" and "Happy Colored Marbles," but even these strange little creatures secretly aspire to some minor pop majesty. Sure to please "Boognish" believers and adventurous listeners alike, QUEBEC will sprinkle your day with sunny and stinky pop tunes that you won't easily forget.

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Genre: Pop